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Click to enlargeLazer etched crystal Music Paperweights / Awards
Violin (OUT OF STOCK!)
Grand Piano (OUT OF STOCK!)

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK BYTES 'n GRINS Outrageously fun gifts on image to see enlarged) Lazer etched crystal Music Paperweights.

A great gift for any musician.

4 styles...Violin and
Grand Piano measure 2" X 2" X 3-1/4" are etched deep inside these stunning paperweights...

Not coming soon:
GUITAR & Saxaphone lazers!

Order the BATTERY lighted base (LITE-B) for $5.95 additional.
OR order the base with detachable POWER (LITE-E) Cord for $7.95

AAA Batteries not included.

Lazer etched crystal Music Paperweights / Awards - Violin, Piano, Sax, Guitar
LAZ-MUSRegular Price: $10.95On SALE!: $8.95, 10/$82.00, 20/$145.00

Click to enlarge2" X 2"Lighted Base
Lazer Etched Crystal Paperweight/AwardsLazer Etched Crystal Paperweight/Awards
Stunning - School Bus Crystal Paperweight/Award
Customized Digital Crystal Paperweights
Globe, NASA, Aerospace Technology Shuttle Paperweight Laser Crystal
Crystal Apple Lazer Art Award - $8.95 ea.
Tiger Mascot Lazer Crystal Paperweight/Award
Crystal Lazer etched Cougar Paperweight / Award
Lazer etched crystal Music Paperweights / Awards - Violin, Piano, Sax, Guitar
NEW! Graduation Lazer Crystal Paperweight/Award
Lazer Crystal Cat Paperweight
Lazer etched Bear Mascot Crystal Paperweight/Award
Large Crystal Hot Air Balloon Figurines on lighted base ON SALE!
Crystal Hot Air Balloon Lazer Crystals -5 styles-with optional lighted base, -ON SALE!
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BYTES 'n GRINS Outrageously fun gifts

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