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A word from Joan about our Online Store and pending retirement....

Well now it's here....
After almost 27 very Fun years it is time for another chapter and to make life easy. Effectively immediately we are officially Closed for business!
Thank you so much to all of our faithful customers for your support and business,... I will miss all the fun we have your trade our brick and mortar shop and the many table tops we have attended over 27 years from cost to coast! You have been WONDERFUL!!


As an Art major and then an Art Teacher, I was inspired by my geek husband and his dedication to computer technology.
I kept hearing and reading about this NEW LANGUAGE OF Computer-Speak. I didn't understand computing but my creative and artistic mind quickly decided that some of this new fangled language was down right FUNNY!!
In 1990 he was turning 40 so I designed a T-shirt that read "I may be 40 but I'm NOT FLOPPY!" with a Big Iron-On Black Square Floppy Disk! It was such a hit that I designed 13 more shirts including . . . "Compute, Compute, COMPUTE!, That's all you ever want from me!!" AND a Mug that said "It's TOO EARLY in the morning to be USER FRIENDLY!"

For the first 10 years (since 1990) I traveled the country with my "dog & Pony" show and set up BYTES 'n GRINS exhibits in almost every state at Technology in Education conferences. Thank you to all of my loyal customers who eagerly waited for my return year after year.

MACUL, ISTE, FETC, VSTE, TCEA, CUE, TIE-CO, LACUE, NETA, NHSTE, NYSCATE, NCETC, TIE-SD, OETC, SCAET are just a few organizations nationwide who have devoted extraordinary efforts at furthering and integrating Technology into the Primary and Secondary schools in their respective states. I have traveled to most of THEIR conferences and am proud to have been involved with these great men and women and members of their organizations over the years.

Then In 1993, thanks to my GEEK husband, I ventured into the pre-internet world of the BBS network as he was the Sysop of his own online Bulletin Board System. AND BYTES 'n GRINS Computer Gifts ONLINE was Born!!

In 2001 I opened my first "Brick and Mortar" store here in Houston, TX.

At that time I decided to cut back on traveling and devote all of my time developing my web site and my storefront. Since that time I have expanded from just Computer Gifts and added other gift items for Teachers, School Bus Drivers and just fun minded folks as well.
Then we added our extensive line of Promotional Products...also known fondly as "Merch", "Give aways", "Chatsch-kees" and awards us a boost to our sales and growth.

Now in 2016, after many wonderful years. . . this is the target Year to find a new "Home" for our fun gift line. It is NOW time to cut back and enjoy life! SOOOOO-O-O IF YOU ARE A LEGITIMATE STORE or ONLINE BUSINESS ...AND HAVE AN INTEREST IN PURCHASING OUR EXTENSIVE VENDOR and CUSTOMER LISTS and/or Remaining items PLEASE CONTACT US FOR DETAILS.

A very special Thank You to all of you, my great customers for your support and business over the past 27 years. It's been SUCH A GREAT RIDE filled with fond memories and many new friends worldwide.

May God bless you in all that you do and especially for those of you involved in the Education sector of Technology. I pray that our government does not take away your all important funding for this vital pathway to the future of our children.


Click on the link below to help save this all important funding for our children.

Best regards,
Joan M. Nering Houston, Texas 713-304-4421

Join the ETAN network to help stop our government from the pending elimination of funding forTechnology in Education

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Join ISTE in Philadelphia at the 2015 CONNECTED LEARNING, CONNECTED WORLD Conference

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BYTES 'n GRINS Outrageously fun gifts

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