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Cats, Dogs, Mice Assorted Original Animal Computer Pins

A BYTES 'n GRINS Exclusive!
You won't find these anywhere else but here! Our own designs for that Very Special Gift!


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Here we feature Seven stunning versions of our very own "Beautiful Bytes" fashion computer pin. Your Cchoice of a Gold or Silver Computer and comes in a pretty black velvet drawstring pouch.

BBY-MBY - A Sparkling Rhinestone Mouse is perched on Your Computer!

BBY-MOU - This little mouse has a rhinestone tail & embellishes a shiny gold Computer.

BBY-CB - Cat Lovers delight! Black Enamel & Rhinestone Cat.

BBY-CW - White Enamel & Rhinestone Cat.

BBY-DOG - Especially for Dog lovers features a coffee colored and golden enamel Doggie on a shiny gold computer pin.

(See pic below:)
BBY-DOG1 - Everyone loves Weinier Dogs! Cute golden Doxie Doggie with a rhinestone collar!

BBY-DOG2 - White and Brown Enamel Doggie with a rhinestone collar!

BBY-HORSE - Rhinestone horse on our computer pin.

Talk to us about designing a computer pin featuring your school mascot . . .Tiger, Dolphin, Bulldog, Turtle, Bee, Panther, etc.

Animal Lovers Computer Jewelry!
BBYRegular Price: $18.95On SALE!: $14.95

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BYTES 'n GRINS Outrageously fun gifts

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