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Welcome to our YAHOO store where you will have
the most fun in Computer, School Bus & Teacher gift giving.
Our new address is:

PO BOX 630442

Houston, TX 77263
Hours of Operation - 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. M-F CST

This page contains a large volume of helpful information. Print this page to read offline and attach to your order print out.


We at BYTES 'n GRINS want to thank you for your continued business as we continue to grow even during these tough economic times. We offer affordable and fun gifts that won't break your pocket book. Did you know that 80% of our products are under $10.00??!!!

Pay particular attention to Shipping Costs and estimates. Read below to see how you can maximize the value of your purchase. We want you to be satisfied and and hope that you will take a few minutes to read this important information.

    Look for the Gray "Add to Cart" ORDER Button.
    Simply click on the order button on the page of the item or items you want to order. Some items will have multiple choices in a drop down menu that is immediately in front of the button. Select your choice from the menu and follow the easy instructions through the completion of your order. It's just that simple.
    If you DON'T see an order button, click on the picture. This may be a "section" with lots more choices.
    If there is no order button it means that the item is temporarily out of stock.

    MINIMUM ORDER - Effective April 21st 2014 we regret that we cannot accept orders for less than $75.00. This is a temporary measure because of the heavy order load for end-of school year awards. This includes PHONE ORDERS as well.

    Also with the costs of services and shipping getting out of hand we regret that we must implement this rule in order to stay in business. Thanks for your understanding.

    1.) Placing your order online on our Yahoo store is the easiest, most efficient way as it automatically produces an invoice for your records and avoids costly mistakes or misinterpretation by our Human employees who answer the phone.

    2.) We now accept PAYPAL. If you are concerned about providing your information on our Secure Shopping pages Paypal is just one option for security and protection for your credit card and purchases.
    ALSO - You do NOT have to put your CC # when ordering ONLINE! In the "PAYMENT OPTIONS" section simply Select the CHOICE that reads: "I will Call You with my Credit Card information." That's all there is to it!

    Please be aware that your order cannot be shipped until all shipping charges are PAID. Your ORUGINAL order will have only the DEFAULT shipping amount of $7.95. If the shipping for your parcel costs more than this amount, We will notify you and send a PAYPAL REQUEST for the balance due.

    We will gladly accept order inquiries or Promo Product orders via e-mail - IMPORTANT!
    We are finding that some e-mails are not getting to us because of the extensive filtering we have had to put into place to filter out SPAM. If you send us an order by e-mail please call to confirm that we have received it.

    3.) Phone Ordering:
    Promotional & Bulk orders will be gladly accepted via e-mail. However if you are ordering single items from our gift line and there is an Order Button for the items you want, we prefer that you order directly through our Yahoo store. This is the easiest and problem free method that will automatically generate an invoice for you once your order has been shipped. If you do not feel comfortable giving your credit card info in our secure shopping cart, we encourage you to use PayPal for the best guarantee of your funds.

    Of course if you have any problems or questions regarding our Yahoo store, please do give us a call. Because some of our employees are learning disabled, in order to avoid costly mistakes or misinterpretation we prefer to have your order transmitted through our Yahoo store system or in writing via e-mail or snail mail.

    4.) You can also order by mail. We accept Money Orders for immediate shipping. Checks must clear your bank before processing your order. This can take up to 10-14 days. You must call us first to calculate the correct shipping so you can make your check out for the correct amount.
    Send your order to:
    PO BOX 630442
    Houston, TX 77263

  • We also accept SCHOOL PURCHASE ORDERS. Please select this option for this in the "Payment Options" Drop Down Menu for bulk/Large orders. Then please email or snail mail your P.O. to us. IMPORTANT! Shipping costs must be added to your PO. PLEASE CALL or eMAIL FIRST so we can calculate the shipping costs for you to add to your PO.

    CREDIT CARDS We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX. ____________________________________________

    Under most conditions your order will be shipped within 48 hrs. but may take up to 10 business days. PLEASE PROVIDE YOUR "MUST HAVE" DATE ON ALL ORDERS.
    If you ordered multiple items, we may need to wait an extra day or two if we are temporarily out of stock and are momentarily expecting items to arrive to complete your order. We will notify you if your "MUST HAVE" Date cannot be met.
    From date of shipment, depending on shipper used, please allow 3-10 days to receive your order. (Please use the transit time map below for reference) Under ALL circumstances, PLEASE let us know if you need to receive your order within or before 10 days. There is a section on your order form for "Comments to Merchant". Please use this to note anything you need for us to know about your order or timing.
    Because we are centrally located between coasts (Texas) shipping to most locations only takes 3-5 days. Washington, Oregon, California, Maine and Florida will most likely take the full 5 days and will incur the highest ship charges according to the Zoned rates.

    That FIRST pound is the most expensive!

    Each additional pound is only about .75 more per lb!

    In order for us to give you the best possible shipping rates, Shipping costs are NOT based on the Dollar Amount you spend but on weight and your zip code, and of course the method of shipping.
    Total Shipping/handling charges WILL NOT be reflected on your ORIGINAL Order Confirmation** until your entire order is boxed, weighed and ready to ship. We will then add these charges to your YAHOO invoice and send an updated invoice to you via e-mail through the YAHOO store system once your order has shipped.
    This invoice will not be packaged with your shipment.
    (**)The minimum charge for shipping is the 1 pound rate of $7.95 (to a business and $8.95 (to a residence). Shipping charges have gone up again in 2016 and are continuing to sky-rocket along with fuel costs and shippers are now charging additional fuel surcharges for Residential Deliveries (minimum $2.00) AND fuel surcharges to outlying and rural areas. You can save on the surcharge by using a Business address whenever possible.

    Delivery to a BUSINESS is much more cost effective where the carrier may be able to make deliveries to 5, 6 or 20 or more businesses in one building with only one stop.
    Not so with residences where the truck uses more fuel and time stopping and starting to individual addresses.

    Please read more on shipping options below.
    We now use USPostal Service PRIORITY MAIL as an option for standard service to addresses in the continental USA. USPS is now using ZONED rates for all parcels (Just like the big guys). A one pound parcel weighing one ounce to one pound going anywhere in the US will cost $7.00 (plus insurance ...NOW as of 2013, the first $50.00 is now insured!....and handling) but anything over that one pound will cost a lot more depending on the zip code ro where it is shipped. A 10 lb parcel going to Texas is only $9.20 compared to the same parcel going to Duval Washington at $21.40!! (In this instance we will use the shipper with the best rates for your shipment)

    Don't be fooled by the Postal Service ads you see on TV.
    If your merchandise is bulky it won't fit in a flat rate box. Their USPS Priority FLAT RATE boxes CAN offer some savings ONLY for heavy items that will fit within the Flat Rate box. AND IF the value does not exceed $50.00. Anything over $50.00 we will need to add a minimum of $2.25 for insurance on all USPS shipments....NEW 2013, the first $50.00 is now insured!.... We will use USPS only if we calculate that it is the best option for your shipment.

    FedEX Ground Service Map

    FedEX Ground Service Map

    For Thanksgiving and Christmas schedules please check the FedEX posted Holiday delivery RIGHT CLICK ON THIS LINK: FEDEX Delivery & Transit Times
    Put in your zip and ours -77063 to determine how long it will take from our place to yours.

  • GROUND SHIPPING General information
    We reserve the right to choose the best shipper for your order. Our preferred shipper is FedEX however we also use UPS, & the Postal Service for Ground service as well as for expedited & overnight service. Please note that you must use a physical address. These carriers will NOT deliver to a Post Office Box....NEW 2013...You can now add an address along with your PO Box where major carriers can now deliver. Check with your local Post Office for details

    Please use the above map for time in transit reference to your state.

    Be aware that a minimum surcharge of $2.00 - $4.00 WILL be charged by both FedEX and UPS for parcels going to a residence.
    Addresses outside the range of a major metropolitan city may also incur additional fuel & service charges.
    Addresses without a business name and Shipper # will go at the Residential rate.
    Also please note: If the Total cost of your order exceeds $10.00 and you are shipping to a RESIDENCE we may require Signature Proof upon delivery and will add $1.50 for this service.
    You can save on the surcharge by using a Business address and YOUR Shipper # whenever possible.

    There is no surcharge for business delivery. And most business shipments include signature confirmation in the ship rate as well as insurance up to $100.00.
    IMPORTANT! If you choose the OVERNIGHT or 2nd day Commercial Option we MUST have YOUR shipper and shipper account number. Please provide this information On your order form. Orders placed without a shipper number will be shipped at the higher residential rate.

  • 2nd Business Day Orders WILL NOT BE SENT WITHOUT YOUR VERBAL PHONE or EMAIL AUTHORIZATION following the placement of your order.

  • Overnight/Express Service*** (See details below)

    International shipments MUST be SHIPPED to the BILLING ADDRESS where you receive your Credit card statement. NO Exceptions!

    International orders cannot be sent "Next Day" or "Overnight" or with "RUSH" instructions.


    If you are wanting information about what your order will cost in your country's currency, please visit this handy Currency Converter:
    YAHOO Curency converter

    INTERNATIONAL Orders may require a short SECURITY questionnaire that will be sent to you upon our receipt of your order.
    ALL ORDERS originating out of the Continental USA or Canada will be held for 14 days before shipping.
    Because of the high instances of "Identity Theft" this requirement should give details of customers using fraudulent credit cards enough time to be located in Security Data Banks. For faster service we will accept Bank Wire Transfers, Western Union, and certified funds.
    We scrutinize international orders very carefully and hope you are patient with our policies regarding international shipments.
    Some Countries may be blocked from ordering from our Yahoo Store. We accept ONLY Bank Wire Transfer, Western Union, and certified funds for orders going to Blocked Countries. Absolutely no exceptions.

    International & Canadian parcels will be shipped only via International Priority Mail (Registered), Airmail Parcel Post (Insured) or FedEX Express International.
    Items small enough and not breakable that can fit in a padded envelope can be sent via Air Letter Post. This is a Registered Mail service and the minimum charge for a 3 oz. envelope is $10.60. Ship charges to your country may vary.
    For packages going Priority International Mail there is a minimum ship charge of $15.00 for a one pound parcel. Ship charges are based on weight as well as the type of ship methods available to your country.
    Recipient will be responsible for all duty, tarifs, import licensing and knowledge of all "import restrictions" for their country. **(DISCLAIMER) Items refused or returned undelivered will not be eligible for refunds. Be sure you have given us all applicable address information including Apartment, Flat, Office #'s,Provinces, etc. and correct country codes.

    CUSTOMS - PLEASE BE AWARE that customs may elect to hold your package for up to 90 days.
    Delivery time of shipments cannot be guaranteed. We cannot be responsible for untimely international deliveries. Please contact the customs authorities in your country for customs specifics.

    Substantial savings of ship charges may be available through T & T EXPRESS. If this carrier services your country it may be less expensive to arrange for a "Pick Up with billing to the receiver" (That's YOU) especially on large or heavy shipments. Check with your local T & T carrier. We'll be glad to provide you shipping estimates provided by USA carriers for comparison.
  • OVERNIGHT & RUSH SERVICE for Continental U.S. shipments only:
    If it gets very close to the "big" day we will be glad to use expedited shipping. Please select the "OVERNIGHT SHIPPING" option on your order form, Fill in your SHIPPER and SHIPPER # AND then call us IMMEDIATELY. RUSH service charges will apply depending on the time of the day that we receive your order as well as the time of the year. RUSH charges will vary between $10.00 & $25.00.
    If you need Next Day Morning service please let us know that too. However Please note that Next Day Morning service is not available to all areas.

    This is an important precaution to be sure that we get your order in time to ship the next day. Technology is not go down, staff gets sick, and also we are on the road attending trade shows a lot and may not have someone glued to the internet at the moment of your order.


    And "timing" is of the essence regarding overnight shipments. The earlier we get your order the more likely you will get it early (before noon) rather than late (3:00 PM) the next day if at all. If you require Next MORNING delivery you must let us know and your order and phone call must be placed before 12:00 noon CST. Even then not all areas are served for morning deliveries. We cannot be responsible for the timing of last minute deliveries. Under all circumstances we cannot refund any part of your ship charges if your order is not delivered in a timely manner through no fault of our own.

    Orders received after 12:00 Noon CST MAY still be sent FedEX overnight the same day depending on our work load.

    Think about the physical size of what you are ordering. You can save $$ by keeping your packaging as small as possible. Lightweight FLAT items can be shipped for less than lightweight BULKY items. For example, several silk neckties can be packaged in a flat EXPRESS envelope whereas fragile items or bulkier items have to be packaged well enough to prevent damage in a larger box requiring dimensional charges as well as weight charges.
  • How to ECONOMIZE It doesn't make sense to order only one Necktie for $9.95 and pay our minimum of $7.95 (or more)to ship it. Please think about maximizing the value of your shipment by ordering enough items up to at least one pound to warrant the cost of shipping. That first pound is the most expensive part of your shipment. Additional pounds added are nominal, usually under $2.00 per pound.

  • Be VALUE-SMART on your purchase!
    Do you know that we can pack as many lightweight items totaling up to 1 pound for the same minimum shipping rate?? So if you are ordering 1 or 2 jewelry items or neckties, or panic buttons you may as well order 1-2 dz. for the same flat ship rate...or any combination of lightweight items up to the 1 lb. packaged weight. You get the idea. ______________________________________________
  • RETURNS We offer an "unconditional money back guarantee" if you are not satisfied with your order. We value the business our customers have given us since 1990 and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

    We will gladly accept your return and issue a full credit*** for the cost of the merchandise you are returning. Authorized returns must be sent within 5 days of the receipt of your order. Understandably, we cannot, however, give credit for the cost of shipping unless the item is deffective, damaged or lost in shipping (see below).
    May we suggest that because there will be an additional cost to you to return the item that you consider the following alternatives before returning your non-deffective item: the item to give as a gift.
    ...inquire among friends, co-workers etc. for someone that may want to purchase your item.
    ...use ebay to recoup your investment.

    ***If you are returning an order that was purchased in bulk or quantity, a 15% re-stocking fee will be applicapable unless there was an error on our part.>

    Please inspect your merchandise immediately. Claims for damaged merchandise must be made within 5 days of delivery. Keep all packaging for inspection by the carrier. We regret that our carriers will not accept claims made after 5 days and replacement and/or refunds cannot be issued.

    If you have not received your merchandise after a reasonable period of time please contact us. We will investigate with the carrier and apply for a refund of both shipping costs and the cost of merchandise. HOWEVER if the tracking number shows that a delivery was made to your home please know that a delivery signature is not required for home deliveries. Please check with your neighbors and/or Apartment office to see if they may have received your package. If the carrier denies the claim we regret that a refund cannot be issued. You can then file a loss/theft claim with your homeowner or apartment insurance company.
  • KEEPING TRACK OF YOUR ORDER After placing your order, you will IMMEDIATELY receive an e-mail CONFIRMATION.

    If you do not immediately receive an order confirmation in your email box then either you did not complete your purchase (check your shopping cart) OR you gave an incorrect email address.

    Please look it over carefully to be sure that ALL information is correct including the number of pieces that you ordered. CALL or email US IMMEDIATELY if you see something that needs to be corrected.
    ALSO Please print out your confirmation for future reference when you receive your Credit Card or Bank Statement. Please look carefully at your credit card statement. Your purchase should be identified as BYTES 'n GRINS or

    Bank retrieval requests and chargebacks resulting from your failure to recognize your purchase may result in a minimum service charge of $15.00. Fortunately for you (the cardholder) strict laws are in place to protect you and the use of your credit card. The bad news is that Bank Retrieval Requests for information regarding questionable charges are an ENORMOUS headache for merchants who are NOT protected because of these laws.

    And with the ease and speed of e-commerce we understand that it is easy to forget the names of companies from whom you may make purchases online. So PLEASE take a moment to print out your order and remember the name BYTES 'n GRINS so that you will recognize your purchase when you examine your credit card statement.

    Contact Us


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