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Lazer Crystal Cat Paperweight...
A great gift or award for Cat Lovers.
FINAL SALE! Discontinued by Manufacturer!

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK BYTES 'n GRINS Outrageously fun gifts

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PLEASE NOTE: Regretfully Our supplier has discontinued all styles of Crystal Paperweights. When they're gone they're GONE!

This cute Kitty Measures 2" X2 "X 3-1/4". A great gift or award for Cat Lovers.

Order the battery lighted base for $5.95 additional.

AAA Batteries not included.

Lazer Crystal Cat Paperweight
LAZ-CATRegular Price: $10.50On SALE!: $8.95, 10/$82.00, 20/$145.00

Click to enlarge2" X 2"Lighted Base
 Economy Fuzzy Mouse Covers-OVERSTOCKED! Economy Fuzzy Mouse Covers-OVERSTOCKED! LIKE US ON FACEBOOK BYTES 'n GRINS Outrageously fun gifts

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The same adorable Mouse covers that we sell with the cute box of cheese, but without the box and spectacles. We have a large number of these in both white and gray. Only $3.25 ea. The minimum purchase is 3 pcs.

Suggestion: These can even be filled with Cat-Nip and stitched to make a fun toy for your favorite Kitty!

Economy Fuzzy Mouse Covers-OVERSTOCKED!
MOUSE-ECOVRegular Price: $7.00On SALE!: $3.25
Cat Toys Bargain Lot - FUNdraiser Idea! - Only .18 ea.
Fuzzy Mouse Cover in Swiss Cheese Box
Cat Toys Bargain Lot -  FUNdraiser Idea! - Only .18 ea. Cat Toys Bargain Lot - FUNdraiser Idea! - Only .18 ea. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK BYTES 'n GRINS Outrageously fun gifts

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Here's a REAL DEAL that you can use for FUNdraisers or let your imagination Go WILD! NO EYES, NOSES OR GLASSES on these. These make perfect Cat Toys!

Make these into Catnip mice, Bottle Toppers for kids parties, Finger Puppetts...These are already cut and sewn into the shape of mousecovers with the opening on the underside to fit over your computer mouse. Print out our fun instruction page below.

They are a perfect project for your Pet Rescue Fundraisers, Doggie Runs, Festivals, Scout projects, Retirement home Craft projects and any type of volunteerism you can imagine.

Just let us know what you will be using them for so we know they are going to a good cause.

Read more here....

ONLY .18 cents each!!

We are offering this BARGAIN LOT of faux fur Mice originally cut out to make our Mouse Covers.

  or we'll even send them assorted if you  prefer

Each lot contains 50 pcs. and  has been completely sewn together
with Felt Ears to the point that you can
finish it to make whatever your heart desires.

Suggestions, Catnip Mice, Finger Puppetts (see the Gray Mouse pictured) , Mouse covers, Cat Toys etc.    
Idea: We made eyes from a sheet of Black Crafters Foam and a Hole Puncher!!  
Or you can add Googley Eyes (Not Included) as pictured.

              Or how about  adding a tail & making them into catnip mice for 
FUNDRAISERS for local Animal Rescue & Shelter benefits? 

Wouldn't these be cute place card holders for that Animal Shelter or Children's Home BENEFIT BANQUET???

CHRISTMAS IS COMING . . . Have your volunteer group make finger puppetts
and donate them to local Children Shelters as Stocking Stuffers! 
You could even make little Santa Hats to put on!
AND put some candy or gumballs inside!

This is also a great project
for Senior Centers or Girl Scouts Crafts projects

Each piece measures approx 4" x 6" in it's sewn form.

 Will be shipped USPS weighing 4 Lb. calculated to your zip code.


Right Click Here to download our instructions for making Catnip Mice and Finger Puppetts. INSTRUCTIONS for making Finger Puppets or Catnip Mice Hit your BACK arrow when finished to return to this page.

Cat Toys Bargain Lot - FUNdraiser Idea! - Only .18 ea.
50MOUSERegular Price: $50.00On SALE!: $9.00
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Lazer Etched Crystal Paperweight/AwardsLIKE US ON FACEBOOK BYTES 'n GRINS Outrageously fun gifts

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Large Crystal Hot Air Balloon Figurines on lighted base ON SALE!
Crystal Hot Air Balloon Lazer Crystals -5 styles-with optional lighted base, -ON SALE!

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BYTES 'n GRINS Outrageously fun gifts

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