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Imprinted or Etched Marble Apple Awards / Paperweights  
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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have previously ordered INDIVIDUALLY imprinted apples from the Lillian Vernon company, They are NO LONGER offering individually imprinted apples AND we regret that neither do we.

Imprinted apples must be ordered in the minimum quantities listed. Thank you for your understanding.
Also please be sure that your imprint will fit into the specified Measurement listed for the imprint. Imprinting on a curved surface limits the sizes that can be imprinted.


Please Note these prices are valid pending availability from this sponsoring manufacturer. Prices may vary with manufacturers and availability.

Please note...Logos and Imprints must be VECTORIZED.
Additional Artwork charges will apply if not provided by customer.
Send Inquiries, Orders, and VECTORIZED artwork to: BYTES 'n GRINS


Imprinted or Etched Marble Apple Awards / Paperweights

What is Vectorized" Art??
NEW! Red Faux Marble Stone Apples with Antiqued Brass Finish Stem NEW! Red Faux Marble Stone Apples with Antiqued Brass Finish Stem

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Made in the USA

These Great Looking Stonecast Apples are made to look like the real thing - Marble. The big advantage is the consistency of color! Unlike marble that can vary greatly from apple to apple, These are all made at one time from one batch insuring an exact match of color.

WANT BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW or another color besides RED??? No Problem See pic of blue clock below.

Send inquiries, VECTORIZED artwork and orders to: BYTES 'n GRINS

NEW! Red Faux Marble Stone Apples with Antiqued Brass Finish Stem
Custom Color Faux Marble Apples and Clocks
Marble Apples - Availability Please ReadMarble Apples - Availability Please Read
Please read the following notice in anticipation of the Spring & Fall 2016 demand for Marble apples. .............................
For a number of years now we have had so many inquiries for Marble Apples in spring we thought you should know a few facts about availability.

First of all we do carry a limited quantity of BLANK (unimprinted) Marble Apples year round whenever they are available from our various vendors. These are great when you are ordering only a few that do not need to be imprinted, or want to combine with other items from our site.

Secondly we offer the same styles of Marble Apples that come from other suppliers who have the capability to imprint or sand etch on Marble. These are ordered in quantities of usually 25 pcs. or more (depending on the policy of the supplier) and are shipped directly from them.

PLEASE NOTE: Especially for East coast and West coast schools that stay open through June,:
if you do not order your Marble Apples early in the season (before March or April) there is a good chance you will not get them
as ALL of our vendors sell out BEFORE the end of the Midwest School Year which generally ends around the end of May.
We typically start taking orders for marble Apples in January!

Pricing of our various apple products depends on availability and is subject to change at any time. And we do expect price increases with the upcoming shipments.

Lastly, we regret that we are unable to provide discounted stock for any other promotional seller or Trophy shop at this time.


We highly recommend a great product we call "FAUX MARBLE" pictured here. These are hand cast and molded in the USA to your specifications AND color and are readily available year round. Click on the first link below and scroll down to find them

Single Marble Apples with NO IMPRINT
Click here to order more Apples, Awards & Teacher Novelties

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BYTES 'n GRINS Outrageously fun gifts

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