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ADOPT, DON'T SHOP!!....Pet Owner Info!

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We aren't really sure exactly when this is...It seems that various organizations have different dates. Some are for cats only and others are for Dogs. And then there are the ones for specific breeds.

We just want you to know how much we love our pets and how fortunate we are to be able to bring them to work with us every day. Below we would like to share some pics of our "Furry Loved Ones" and hope you enjoy them. You can click on the pics to see them enlarged.

When you call the shop and talk to Linda, no doubt her little Daisy Mae is on her lap. Her twin sister Brenda owns the Print shop next door and there you can find "Molly J" and "Wheezy" the pug that belongs to Sandy. Brenda has several other dogs that she will occasionally bring to work too.

We also want to encourage you to adopt your pet from your local shelter. SO many unwanted animals are just waiting for a new home.
And I am sure that you know that if you are looking for a FREE Dog or Cat there is no such thing.
Pet ownership demands your care and love but also that you keep your pets up to date on Immunizations, just as you would for your kids. And also Flea and Tic prevention is a MUST.
Responsible pet owners will help keep the stray animal population down ....PLEASE have your animals spayed or neutered AND Micro Chipped!!

FREE??? Not by a long shot!!
This very important attention DOES have a financial cost! If you can't afford to care financially for your pet, then you can't afford to have a pet. PERIOD!


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Click to enlarge"STORMY" My Hurricane Katrina Rescue Rascal - SOOO Loveable!
Click to enlargeLinda with her "Daisy Mae" - the girl with a thousand Doggie Dresses!
Click to enlarge"Baby Snooks" My Cutie Pie Rescue Girl
Click to enlargeTwins Linda and Brenda with a few of our "Kids" in front of our shop
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BYTES 'n GRINS Outrageously fun gifts

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